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Just set up a Honey module

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Q: How do you get honey pots on my Lego network?
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How do you get honey pots in my Lego network?

You must set up a Hive Module ORYou can also win Honey Pots from Bee Battlesnathan6342

On my Lego network how do you get 50 honey pots in 1 day?

You can get 50 pots by making 3 hives to get 60.

How do you get the apple butter in your Lego Network?

You have to send Henrietta 1 honey pie. Then you can build it for 5 honey pots and 10 apples.

How do you get honey on LEGO network?

You must set up a Hive Module OR You can also win Honey Pots from Bee Battles MLN Username:nathan6342

Who to trade with for honey on your Lego network?

You should trade with Wetbikeboy2500 or poprock2500

How do you get apple butter in My Lego Network?

send henrietta a honey pie

On my Lego network how do you get 50 honey pots in 2 days?

1.make a battle bee module rank3 2.put it on your page 3.set it up with a best bee 4.wait for some click's 5.harvest 6.repeat get 25 honey pot's and if you win someone's else's you get 20 honey pot's

How do you get the Queen Bee Masterpeice on your Lego network?

To get The Queen bee master piece you have to have a hive module. If you give the module one day, 1 pollinated bee, and one mason jar. Once you have 20 honey pots go to bee keeper Bill. Become his friend. Then you can trade your 20 honey pots for the queen bee blueprint. Then gather everything needed and make it. My mln name is joelb0

What do honey pots got to do with National Parks?

Honey Pots sites are places of beauty where it attracts lots of tourists. e.g bees to honey.

How do you get rank 2 in my LEGO network?

INGREDENTS 10 red flowers 1 drone bee 10 worker bees 50 honey pots To get this, set up a Flower Patch Module and a Hive Module. Get the drone bee blueprint and make one: 25 red Lego bricks Also, set up a red Lego tree module. Do the same thing until you become rank 2.

How do you get better bees in my Lego network?

1. Mail Henrietta an apple pie. This costs 5 apples 2. Get the honey pie blueprint in your mail. 3. Make a honey pie. This costs you 5 apples and 1 honey pot 4. Mail Henrietta the honey pie. Get the Apple butter blueprint in return. 5. Make an a.b. It costs you 10 apples and 5 honey pots. 6. Mail Bee Keeper Bill the a.b. Get the Better Bee in return

How do you get to rank 1 in your LEGO network?

Visit Lego message boards and go on My Lego network. Lego network rank help and look for how to get to rank 1.