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You can get a LEGO UNIVERSE SPIDER if you send Pr Brickkeeper a letter saying GIMME A STICKER.

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Q: How do you get cool stickers on my LEGO network?
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Where do you get LEGO stickers on My Lego Network?

You can get stickers by buying them with bricks, wheels, etc on networker pages. Some networkers when you mailthem : May I have a sticker please? Will give you one.

What is your LEGO network?

yea is cool I like it.

Where do you get LEGO stickers?

At they have durable and high quality stickers for your LEGO!

How do you get stickers on my Lego network?

You can either buy them with items from networkers pages or mail networkers with the can you give a sticker message

How do you get iconoxs favor on my Lego network?

Get the desert ambush module, put stickers on it and put it on your page and leave it there until you get 5 clicks! BTW what is your user name?

Where do you find Lego WWE decal stickers?


Are Lego sets worth more with stickers or Without them?


Where to get Halo 3 stickers for LEGO?

go to target. they have them

How do you get to rank 1 in your LEGO network?

Visit Lego message boards and go on My Lego network. Lego network rank help and look for how to get to rank 1.

Why can you not use stickers on Lego digital designer?

because they just are

Are Lego sets worth more with the stickers or without them?

With stickers because anything that you add on to a set will increase the price of it.

How do you get the spa badge on my LEGO network?

You had to be a Lego club page member, but my Lego network replaced that. (that was dumb)