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a fisher man in olivine city

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Q: How do you get good rod in Pokemon Gold?
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What rod do you use to catch a staryu?

if Pokemon gold use good or super rod in oivine city on Thursday.

Pokemon Gold where to get good rod?

Somewhere in olivine city either in the Pokemon center or near the person who wants to trade you a voltorb for your krabby which can be caught using the good rod.

Where do you find the bad rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is only old, good, and super rods in Pokemon Heart Gold.

How do you get the good rod in Pokemon Heart Gold?

The Fishing Guru in Olivine City gives it to you.

How do you get the good rod in Pokemon heat gold?

Somewhere in olivine city you can find a angler who will give you it.

Where can you find a good rod on Pokemon heart gold or soul silver?

You can find the good rod in Olivine City, someone will give it to you in the first house below the gym. :)

Where do find the fishing rods in Pokemon gold?

The old rod is south of the city with the Sprout Tower in a Pokemon Center The Good rod is in the city with the Lighthouse in a house with a fisherman who gives it to you (i think)

Where to get a good rod in heart gold?

you go to either the Pokemon center or a mans house in olivine and he will give it to you

How do you get a good rod on Pokemon indigo?

The Good Rod is not obtainable in Pokemon Indigo/UnovaRPG.

Where to catch Dragonite in Pokemon Gold?

You cannot catch a dragonite in gold you have to just train a dragonair or dratini. Theyre usually in the dragons den . u can catch them with good rod or most likely super rod. sometimes w/ super rod u'll get dragonair. good luck!

Can you fish a remoraid with an old rod in Pokemon gold?


How do you get a fishing pole on heart gold Pokemon game?

old rod in the Pokemon center before union cave, good rod in olivine city, or super rod in house on bridge route below lavendar town. (all from fishermen in houses)