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how do you getfree vip in spark city world with out paying any money

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Q: How do you get free vip in spark city world?
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How can you get free pet in spark city world?

how can you be vip for FREE in spark city world and have lot's of coins and old aga stuff without paying and don't have to pay for vip

How do you get a free skating pack on spark city world?

you cant you have to be a vip

How do you get a free vip membership on spark world city?

You can't you have to pay money.

What is the FREE vip code for spark city world?

omg u cant

How do you get free VIP on spark city world?

You can get on youtube put free vips for scw and check if they are real or not real

How do you get free membership in all girl arcade spark city world?

The basic membership is free but the VIP memberships cost money. The VIP memberships are $1.99 a week.

How to be a VIP on virtual world?

You can look on youtube.I went there to be a VIP on spark city.

Where to put the VIP code fore spark city world?

i think you put in vip code for spark city it will come up then put your name in then click done then your vip hope i helped!

Where to find the spark flowers in spark city world?

you can find them all over spark city world. just if your vip look at the skating rink thats a good place but non vip look all over the place

How do you get a free VIP account in spark city?

make a account then go FREKIN buy the FREKIN membership thats good enough or email me ur spark city account and i can make u a vip for a month heres my email

What are the best stores to get non vip clothes in spark city?

There is NO non-vip store.I think there is a cheat to wear them

Can you make me vip in spark city world?

um sorry no u cant make someone else a vip in scw .The only way is to buy ur own account for yourself. :)