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You can not get a Sandbox VIP for free.

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Q: How do you get a Sandbox VIP for free?
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How do you make people on Sandbox in Roblox?

If in Sandbox by REDALERT2 then you have to have super vip which is now not for sale but if you do have super vip then put the NPC down on your baseplate use your configure tool and put in the name the dialog and the ID to make your NPC

Can you get me free vip weewold?

i need vip i don't have vip i need vip :( i do

How do you get free shoes that are vip in Movie Star Planet?

Become a vip. Thats how you get free vip shoes.

How do you get free VIP membership?

Hi.. Well there is no way to be a vip for free.. if you do not pay you cant be a vip

How do you be a VIP for free on woozworld?

You can't become a VIP free. Sorry

How do you get free vip on buildabearvillecom?

its illegal to get free vip memberships on sites where you have to pay for them

How do you get free vip on moviestar planet?

by getting to level 20 and you will get a free VIP

What is a free sandbox game?


How do you get free VIP on habplus?

i love vip cata

How can you download a free VIP account genorator?


How do you get to be a vip for free in Movie Star Planet?

The way you can get vip for free is find a good cheat, or ask a vip if you can use their account.

How do you get free vip on meez without downloads or surveys?

can i get a free meez vip on meez