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You can not get free a MSP VIP account for free. MSP stands for Microsoft points, which have to be purchased. They can be purchased online or in gaming stores such as GameStop.

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Q: How can you get an msp vip for free?
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Is there any way you can be vip for free on msp?

no :( i wish.

How do you get a free vip on msp?

You can NOT get free V.I.P on Moviestarplanet. There is NO possible way!

How do you become a judge in msp?

you can become judge on msp by getting to level 5 and then get 100 vip friends if your a non vip but if ur vip then you can be any level then get 100 vip friends add me on msp i am crazyanjali x

How you get free diamonds on msp?

I don't think theres away? unless u buy VIP on MSP! Please add meI'm Aleana513 and I'm not Anonymous Ooh btw there a Anonymousn on MSP but thats a whole different story lol!

What happens when you buy VIP on iPhone on msp?

you become vip

How do you get another free 1000sc when your a vip in msp?

you cant really! Im sorry but you can add me im missmoviestarpop!

The cheat code to become a vip for free at moviestarplanet?

There is,no cheat code for getting free vip membership on msp,dont trust anyone they just want ur pass to ur account

How do you get diamonds on msp without been vip?

theres no cheat you have to be vip no matter what...

What is your girl VIP password and username?

plz help me become a vip member for msp im never a vip member why

How do you get vip msp?

DON'T LISTEN TO ANY OLD GETTING FREE ACCOUNT THING JUST BUY IT OR JUST LIVE WITH IT I'm only trying to be helpful! :( I wish there were vip codes for every one

Who to get a password form a VIP from msp?

if you wanna get someones vip membership or for sum reason check out and there you go

Can you give me a msp non-vip account?

You will need to sign up for a non-VIP MSP account. Microsoft Points can be purchased online at stores such as Amazon and also in retail stores like GameStop.