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It is really hard for me to get fonts on flipnotes. One way is by downloading an unlock flipnote of fonts and copy the page. Another way is by writing every letter, number, etc. on my computer and take a photo to my DSi's console; then I go to flipnote hatena and in the part of putting photos from the console and add the photo of the font. Also I do fonts by myself.

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Q: How do you get fonts on your flipnote studio dsi?
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Can you download flipnote studio for the computer?

No because Flipnote Studio is on the DSi, 3DS, and 2DS. One important thing: The Flipnote Hatena website and Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi ended on May 31, 2013.

Can you make a cartoon on the dsi?

yes but you need the app flipnote studio for the dsi

Can you get flip-book for DS Lite?

The Flipnote Studio is an application for the DSi or the DSi XL ONLY.

Does DSI have flipnote studio?

Should be pre-installed on system. If not, can be downloaded from Nintendo DSi Shop.

Where can you download flipnote studio on dsi on sd card?

Its in my vagina! Come get it! ;)

How do you delete flipnote app on dsi?

Go toSystem Settings. Then go to Data Management. Then select Flipnote Studio. Then it should say "Flipnote Studio. Copy or Delete?" and then select delete.

How do you put video on the dsi?

there is a new feature on dsi shop for free flipnote studio but only for cartoons

How do you name flipnotes on flipnote studio dsi?

You have to view your flipnote on the hatena website then click on edit title and description and there you go!

Does the Nintendo DSi come predownloaded with flipnote studio?

i think so it should

Can you download flipnote studio to a ds lite?

No, you can only download flipnote studio if you have a DSi, or a DSi XL. This is because the DS Lite does not come with a store to shop online, and does not have the interface to store apps.I hope i have been of help:)

How can you link your Nintendo DSi username and Hatena ID together on Flipnote Hatena?

You first must register for a account before you can link your DSi with Flipnote Hatena. After you have registered and activated your account, start Flipnote Studio on your DSi and enter Flipnote Hatena. You will be asked to login (if not immediately, then when you access the creator's room) and after doing so, your DSi will automatically be linked to your Flipnote Hatena account.

What is flipnote studio?

Flipnote Studio is an app for the Nintendo DSi. It`s pre-installed when you first turn on your Nintendo DSi. It`s also available for the DSi XL. There are two layers and 3 colours, and a layer can only have 1 colour. There`s also black paper.