How do you get elite Puffles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to get elite puffles-while you do missions(epf missions)you get them for doing different things I,v all ready got em all here,s what they do.

blue-throws snow balls

red-goes into cannon and fires out of it

black-fixes things

purple-puts things into very big bubbles

green-flies up high

yellow-uses Flute to break things

pink-uses laso(what cowboys use to catch things)

hope I helped ya ;p

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Q: How do you get elite Puffles?
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How do you complete mission 2 on club penguin for ds?

Train with the Elite Puffles Train with the Elite Puffles

What is the code to get elite puffles?


Can you transfer your elite puffles from your ds game?

yes. Take the code from the ds game and enter the code on the computer. You should have your elite puffles on clubpenguin. you will still have the puffles on the ds game too though.

Beat ultamant proto bot on club penguin elite penguin for ce ds?

You use the Elite Puffles to attack it.

A microfone to Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force?

yes to call the puffles

What are the club penguin elite force puffles USED for?

they are there for good looks and they move

Where are the puffles on puffle pranksters club penguin elite force?

all over the island, but they are all covered in flour so the look like white puffles!

Do you have to be a member in club penguin elite force ds to get all the puffles?

No, you don't have to be a member.

Where do you find all the 7 missing puffles on the extra mission on elite penguin force and what colour are they?

=== ===

What is the green puffles name on club penguin missions?

The green elite puffle's name is Flit.

Were do i get the code to get elite puffles on Club penguin Elite penguin force Herbert's revenge?

You don't really find it on a game, it comes with the game when you buy it.

Where is the penguin who takes care of the puffles Club Penguin Elite Force?

The Australian penguin lady is in the dojo but if you have already gotten all of the puffles i don't think she will be in the dojo. Hope this helps.