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loop bouncer blast flame flit

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Q: What are the names of the puffles on elite puffle foce on club penguin?
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What names are the puffles on club penguin elite penguin force?

This is all the puffles, in the order of how you get them. The Blue puffle is Bouncer. The Red puffle is Blast. The Black puffle is Flare. The Pink puffle is Loop. The Purple puffle is Pop. The Green puffle is Flit. The Yellow puffle is Chirp. The White puffle is Chill. And the rumor name for the Orange puffle is Boxer.

What are the names of the club penguin elite puffles?

black puffle: flare red puffle: blast pink puffle: loop blue puffle: bouncer green puffle: flit purple puffle: pop yellow puffle: chirp white puffle: chill

What are good names for white puffles on club penguin?

well if i got a white puffle on club penguin i would name it snowflake ,snowy.

What are all of the names of the Puffles in Club Penguin?

There are noactuallynames of the puffles. You can buy them and name them yourself.

How do you get a rinbow puffle on club penguin when your puffle names are diffrant?

??? You cant get a rainbow puffle.

On Club Penguin what are the mission names?

Case of the missing puffles.

What are Club Penguin puffles?

Do you mean a puffle party? Because if you do then it is a special event where you see puffles almost everywhere in club penguin except the Dojo, Ninja Hideout and the HQ. If there is anything else then sorry!

What is a good name for a orange puffle on club penguin?

Some good names for orange puffles are: Orange (the fruit) Basket Ball Zoey Ziggy Sir. Laughs-a-lot Mr. Lazzy Quinlyn

What are the puffle names on club penguin elite penguin force?

Blue is Bouncer Red is Blast Black is Flare Pink is Loop Purple is Pop Green is Flit Yellow is Chirp Hope this helps u

What are the puffles names on Club Penguin?

There are so many names, just call it any name you want to as long as it is not bad.

How do you get a skull puffle?

its easy buy two black puffles call one QHKKSZ and one RSUPCC (these are code names) then go to your igloo play with them then go to the pet shop and click on the coin on the black puffle page and you will get the skull puffle!

Club penguin elite forsec the names of all the puffles?

Red-Blast,Black-flare,Green-Flit,purple-Pop,Pink-Loop,Blue-Bouncer,Yellow-Chrip,White-Snowflake,Orange-Rusty or Carrot