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If You Remember Breeding Magmartor From Pokemon Battle Revolution Getting Elikid Will Be A Peace Of Cake Without Pokemon R/S/E(Ruby, Sipire And Emralld) Its The Same As Geting Magby But Insteed Of Breeding Magmartor With Ditto You Breed Electivire With Ditto. Wait Until An Egg Will Apearer Between Ditto And Electivire You Simply Get It From The Daycare Man(If You Have An Empty Space) And That's Just It, Also Riding Your Bike Will Make It Hatch Faster. If The Egg Watch Says'' Will It Hatch From This? It Dosen't Seem Close To Hatching'' Ride You Bike More, If The Egg Watch Says''It Is Moving Coutesly It May Be Close To Hatching'' Keep On Riding Your Bike But If The Egg Watch Says ''Sounds Can Be Heard From It! It Will Hatch Soon'' Counteue Riding Your Bike Until Your Player Says ''Oh?'' Then There You Have It! Your Elekid, But Please Keep In Mind That Elikid Evolves In To Electibuzz Only By Trading. Oh And Also Please Keep In Mind That Geting Elikid Without Pokemon RSE Works On Dimaond Also.

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Q: How do you get elekid in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you catch a elekid in pokemon pearl?

use a pokeball...

How do you get electavire in Pokemon pearl?

Get an elekid or electabuzz and train it!

How do you get the Electrolyze on Pokemon pearl?

found randomly on a elekid

Where is the item eletrolizer in Pokemon pearl?

comes attached to elekid but you need firered and leafgreen to find elekid

How do you evovle elekid on Pokemon pearl?

raise him to level 30

Do any trainers that have an electabuzz in Pokemon pearl?

No, but you can get Elekid from Poke'mon Firered.

Where to get elekid in Pokemon pearl?

Sorry if you don't have Firered then u can't get it

How do you get an electririzer on Pokemon Pearl?

Electirizer is sometimes held by wild Elekid which only appear in Pokemon Pearl if you have a copy of Pokemon FireRed. To make the wild Elekid appear you need Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. Once this is done wild Elekid should start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

How do you get Pokemon electracizer?

You can get the Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl from wild Elekid close to the Valley Windworks. In order to find Elekid, you should have Pokemon LeafGreen in your GBA slot of your DS.

How can you get an electraizer in Pokemon Pearl?

The electrizer can be found held by wild Elekid (5% of the time). Elekid can be found at the Valley Windworks if you have Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of your DS.

How do you get an electrizier in Pokemon pearl?

Catch the evolved form of Elekid, they sometimes have one.

Where and how do you get elekid on Pokemon pearl?

1. use pokeradar in 205, there is a 7% chance to find elekid 2. breed a electrabuzz with ditto the egg will be elekid 3. trade it with someone