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in route 205 use pokeradar there is a 7% chance to find elekid and a 5% chance of getting a electrizer

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Q: How do you catch elekid in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you catch a elekid in pokemon pearl?

use a pokeball...

How do you get an electrizier in Pokemon pearl?

Catch the evolved form of Elekid, they sometimes have one.

How do you catch Pokemon electa buzz in pearl?

you can't you have to catch elekid (wich swarms i think) and evolve it

How do you catch elekid in pokemon firered?

Elekid is at the Power plant.(where u catch pikachu).

Where to get electrelizer in Pokemon Pearl?

If you catch elekid(firered in GBA slot in valley windworks), it has a 50% chance of holding the electrizer in diamond.(in pearl, it has a 5% chance)

Do you need Pokemon leafgreen in the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS to catch Magby in Pokemon pearl?

yes. and when you put fire red into the bottom of the ds you can get an Elekid.

How do you get electavire in Pokemon pearl?

Get an elekid or electabuzz and train it!

How do you get the Electrolyze on Pokemon pearl?

found randomly on a elekid

How do get catch elekid on Pokemon Sapphire?

u cant

Where is the item eletrolizer in Pokemon pearl?

comes attached to elekid but you need firered and leafgreen to find elekid

How do you evovle elekid on Pokemon pearl?

raise him to level 30

Where do you find the Electirizer in Pokemon Diamond?

If you have Pokemon FireRed, put the cartridge in slot two of your DS. Then travel to Valley Windworks and catch an Elekid (you must catch it to get the item). In Pokemon Diamond it is a 5% chance to get the Electirizer, but in Pearl it is a 50% chance.