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If your not good at slots you can purchase coins instead.

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Q: How do you get easy coins in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the best machine for gambling in Pokemon FireRed?

It doesn't matter usually i choose the one closest to the door (by the way in firered and leafgreen the slots are so easy to land on 7's) if your that unlucky buy coins.

How do you get in silph co on Pokemon firered?

easy saffron city from scarlett master of pokemon

How do you cach dartiny in Pokemon FireRed?

get 2800 coins for the game corner to trade you a dratini

Where is tm23 in Pokemon FireRed?

The team rocket game centre (it costs 3,500 coins)

How do you get easy money in Pokemon FireRed?

beat the elite 4 alot

What is an easy way to get the lucky egg in Pokemon firered?

there isnt i am sorrry

Where can you buy coins in Pokemon FireRed?

At the celadon city game corner a man behind the counter in the game corner will give you coins.

How do you get flamethrower in Pokemon FireRed?

It is found at the Celadon Game Corner and must be purchased for 4000 coins.

How can you get Easy experience but a lot in Pokemon leafgreen or firered?

put it first then fight

Where is TM35 Flamethrower in Pokemon FireRed?

It can be bought for 4000 coins in the game corner shop in Celadon city.

How do you get 100 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed without action replay?

It's easy all you have to do is trade with leaf green

Where do you get TM 35 flamethrower in Pokemon FireRed?

To get TM35 - flamethrower in FireRed, you have to go to Celadon City and win it for prize coins at the casino. I think it costs 4000 prize coins, so you'll have to play at the casino a lot or waste a lot of money buying coins.