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You can download games/apps via the DSi Shop.

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Q: How do you get down loaded games on your Dsi?
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What is the difference between a DSI and DSI XL?

the XL is bigger and has 3 pre loaded games on it

What kind of games are used for DSi?

The DSi can play DS and DSi games, as well as DSi ware games. It cannot play GameBoy games or 3DS games.

How do you download games on dsi?

You can download games/apps for the DSi via the DSi Shop.

How do you download games for dsi?

You can download games/apps for the DSi via the DSi Shop.

What games are coming out for the Nintendo DSi?

ds games are dsi games

Can you play DSi games in your DS?

no you can't play dsi games in ds but you can play ds games in dsi.

How do action replay on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You get a dsi action replay at best buy, gamestop, or something and it already has pre loaded cheats and the games unlike the ds one. And trust me it works I have the dsi action replay and soul silver

What do they mean by you can download games on a dsi?

The DSi can access DSiware, which are specially downloadable games for the DSi.

Can you download games on the dsi?

Yes, the DSi can connect to the DSi store, from which games can be bought and downloaded.

Are any dsi games designed just for the dsi?

There are no cartridge games made for DSi, but you can buy games from the built-in DSi Shop, or use the internet browser from the DSi Shop to access made-for-DSi websites like

Do you have to download games on a dsi?

You can play ds games on the dsi and you can download games from the dsi shop channel using internet access.

How do you delete regain DSI games?

If you delete your DSi store games, you can redownload them from the DSi store itself.