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If a player loses Darklight, it can be retrieved by talking to Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle and paying him 1,000 coins.

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Q: How do you get darklight back in runescape if you lose it?
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How do you get shadowlight on RuneScape?

Firstoff its darklight and you get it by doing the members quest Shadow of the Storm

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When was Darklight Conflict created?

Darklight Conflict was created in 1997.

How to get jennica's ring back if you die and lose it in runescape?

summer was moved so go to her and near her will be rubble search it to get the ring back

How do you get I get a darklight in RuneScape?

y you asked this on wiki is really lame. youd find this answer on a site like runehq in the weapons area. all i know is that it involves some quest.

If you lose a cannon where do you go to get it back on runescape?

you can go to grand extange or to the place where you bought it orginally(the place with the dwarves)point is, you have to buy it back

If you die with the rainbow boots on can you get another pair on runescape?

if you lose the boots u have to go back to the place where you got them.if you didnt lose the boots dont worry about it.

How do you get dark light in runescape if you could list the steps for the quest please do thanks?

You get darklight during the quest "Shadow of the Storm". You can find the steps of this quest, and others, in great detail on sites such as

How do i get a Carmen staff if you lose it on RuneScape?

simple, Just go back to Lumbridge, and talk to Xenia again. She will give you another staff.

Can you lose hp eating swordfish in runescape?


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