How do you get chat on toontown?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ok, toontown change a butch! its a forever free account! u can chat with keyboard free! no stupid membership!!

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Q: How do you get chat on toontown?
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How do you chat on toontown?

You can use the Speedchat which has a variety of phrases that Toontown has. If you want to type in what you want to say you have to allow the Chat option when you make your account.

What is speed chat plus on toontown?

Speed chat plus is where you can type what you want based on the toontown dictionary. All words that are not allowed will be highlighted in red.

How do you get chat you toontown?

log into your account press manage account turn on chat then follow the instructions

Multi player websites for kids?

All of the multuplayer websites for kids are toontown,club penguin(you can also chat) and also can chat as well)!I recommend toontown if you want mostly playing instead of chatting!

Toontown loading too long?

toontown is loading so slow and since they dont have live chat anymore i cant talk about it please help and i wont pay for an answer -_-

How do you i get speedchat plus on toontown?

Its Simple Just type in all the other crappy stuff until you have an option to have speed chat plus or speed chat then you click speed chat plus and you get that Crap.

How do you make animal noises on toontown?

You find people say animal noise because they use true friend chat true friend chat lets you chat with your true friends & other toons can't know what you're saying. so, when one of the toons ( who's not your true friend ) see you saying a word that its not in toontown dictionary ( which is made for speed chat plus ) he sees the animal noise

Can you get banned on toontown?

Yes, you can get banned on Toontown for hacking with 3rd party programs such as cheat engine, using bad language with chat or speedchat plus, being mean, and a lot of other things.

Is there a safe site that kids can chat and play on without giving away personal info?

toontown webkinz club penguin

How do you make thought bubble in toontown?

just put a "." before you chat like this .hi not like this "."hi or like this . hi

How do you use chat on toontown?

ok, toon town has changed a lot! it doesnt give a 3 day limit, its forever, u can chat with the keyboard without bein a member, anyways to the question, Chat is just usin the keyboard, Speed Chat is words already selected for you, u dont type them. Since the first answer doesn't seem to answer your question, I will help you to the best of my abilities. Step One: Go to Toontown and click on the Membership tab. Step Two: Click on Account Manager. Step Three: Type in your Account I.D and Password, then log on. Step Four: Then click on the Community Settings tab. Step Five: Enable the Speedchat Plus and wait until Toontown sends you the verification Email. Step Six: When you see the Email, open it and it should verify that you will be able to use chat on Toontown.

How can you type in the words you want to say on Disney's Toontown Online?

You have to get a secret friend in order to do that which means you have to know the person outside of toontown. To enable the truefriends feature(which allows you to chat) go to toontowns webpage and click on Account Options.