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un cave of azela

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Q: How do you get chansey in Pokemon Gold?
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How do you catch chansey in Pokemon Gold?

With a Poke Ball.

Where to find lucky egg in Pokemon gold?

Use Theif On A Wild Chansey

What Pokemon will chansey and Ditto breed?

chansey dude.

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon silver you can catch a chansey in Fuschia city at midnight or a silver chansey in the morning. Hope this helps

Get aerodactyl on Pokemon Gold?

a lady east of fushia city in a patch of grass will want to trade her aerodactyl for a chansey

Where do i get a chansey in Pokemon indigo?

Chansey can be found in Mauville City Gym map.

Where do you find a chansey in Pokemon gold for Game Boy?

Route 14 or 15 in Kanto. Its very rare and difficult to find though.

Where to find happiny in Pokemon Gold?

Trade it from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, or breed a chansey while it's holding a luck incense.

How do you get a chansey in heart gold?


How does chansey evolve in Pokemon platinum?

One needs to increase Chansey's happiness to its maximum.

How do you Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Chansey > level up with max happiness > Blissey

What Pokemon evolves into chansey?

Happiny evolves into Chansey. It evolves with a oval stone in the day