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Q: How do you get a chansey in heart gold?
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Where to get a chansey in heart-gold?

holly wood no.....really no tho its funny chansey is found rarely on route 14

How do you catch chansey in Pokemon Gold?

With a Poke Ball.

How do you get chansey in Pokemon Gold?

un cave of azela

How do you get the lucky punch?

To get the Lucky Punch in Pokémon Heart Gold you must go to Route 15. There is a girl there who you must talk to with a Chansey in your party.

Who can you breed chansey with in diamond?

you get an egg in heart home city

What Pokemon evolves with oval stone in heart gold?

As far as I remember, Happiny (baby version of Chansey introduced in Gen. 4) evolves into Chansey via this strange little stone. I can think of no others - Oval Stones are tailor made to Happiny's only. Hope that helped!

How do you get chansey in gold version?

you catch it when wardens for the safari zone is back then you can catch chansey the normal type pokemon.hoped this helpedfrom meto:you all

Where to find lucky egg in Pokemon gold?

Use Theif On A Wild Chansey

Where to find Aerodactyl in gold?

You must trade Chansey for an Aerodactyl on Route 114. See your in-game map for reference.

Get aerodactyl on Pokemon Gold?

a lady east of fushia city in a patch of grass will want to trade her aerodactyl for a chansey

How do you use heart of gold in a sentence?

He is benevolent with a heart of gold. - She is beautiful and she has a heart of gold.

When was Chansey created?

Chansey was created in 1996.