Can you get a male chansey?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Chansey is 100% female.

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Q: Can you get a male chansey?
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In Pokemon soulsilver can you breed chansey and jigglytuff?

If your Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff (which are you saying?) is a male, then yes, you can. :) However, you will get a chansey or a happiny (if you give your chansey an odd incense), and not an igglybuff.

Is there a male chansey?

there are no male chanseys in pokemon diamond, perl, or platinum. get a ditto instead.

Pokemon Platinum how to get happiny?

You have to breed two chansey ( male and female ) in the daycare centre or breed a chansey with a ditto. you must then hatch the egg.

Can you get a male happiny?

you should be able to but you can't. happiny and chansey are 100% female

Blissey in Pokemon Pearl?

Blissey evolves from Chansey in Pokemon Pearl. Blissey is an all female pokemon species with no male counterpart. Chansey can be caught on route 209 and 210.

I can't find a male chansey in Pokemon platinum?

You can stop searching. 0% of Chanseys are males and 100% are females. If your looking for a male so you can breed it, I recomend you use a Ditto instead. See it for yourself :

When was Chansey created?

Chansey was created in 1996.

What kind of Pokémon can you catch in the Pokémon safari?

i know you can catch these: chansey, nidorino nidoran male nidorina, nidoran female and eggsegcute

What Pokemon will chansey and Ditto breed?

chansey dude.

What is the first eveloution of chansey?

Happiny ---> Chansey -----> Blissey

What level does Chansey evolve in Platinum?

There is no specific level in which Chansey evolves. Chansey evolves by love, care, and battling, and massaging. Chansey does not evolve by level.

What route are chansey on in emerald?

Chansey isn't obtainable in emerald.