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the more bookshelves you have, the higher the enchantment, and the more levels you enchant it with, the better it will be.

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Q: How do you get better enchantments on Minecraft?
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Can you enchant items in creative mode in minecraft 1.1?

Yes you can, and you have unlimited experience! Use bookshelves to make enchantments better.

What are the best enchantments to put on an axe in Minecraft?

fortune and unbreakable

How do you make your own custom minecraft enchantment like not in minecraft normally?

While you cannot make any new enchantments unless you make your own mod, you can make custom enchantments strengths using TooManyItems, NotEnoughItems, or NBTedit.

How do you put a spell on a door in minecraft?

You can't. Enchantments are only for tools and armor for now.

Is gold armor better than iron armor in Minecraft?

No, Iron is better, it provides more protection and is many times more durable. Gold's only advantage is that it can be enchanted with higher level enchantments.

How do you make a enchanted sword on minecraft?

Have a sword. make an enchanting table. Have levels. Put the sword in the enchanting table. Click a available enchantment. BOOM a better sword. Bookshelfs gives you better enchantments for higher levels

What are all the enchantments for a diamond pickaxe in minecraft?

Efficiency, Silk Touch, Unbreaking and Fortune.

How do you put on a spell on minecraft?

If you are asking about enchantments, you have to build an enchantment table first. Then, you can enchant weapons and armor

What are all the different kinds of enchantments in minecraft?

go on and there is a whole page on it and it also helps you translate the code.

How do you find hogwarts on minecraft?

There is no Hogwarts. If you've heard of Enchantments, It's called an Enchantment Table. Made of Diamonds, Obsidian, and a Book.

What does sharpnes do on Minecraft?

Sharpness is one of the enchantments in Minecraft. Each enchantment has a different purpose. In this case, Sharpness decreases the amount of time required to mine a specific block. You can mine compatible blocks at a faster rates.

When was Book of Enchantments created?

Book of Enchantments was created in 1996.