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You can't because Arshavin didn't play then.

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Q: How do you get arsharvin on FIFA 08?
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How do you get arsharvin on FIFA 08 on the psp?

You can't as Arshavin did not play then. thanks :)

Should i get FIFA 06 or should i get FIFA 08 on DS?

fifa 08

Which is better FIFA 08 or FIFA 09 on DS?

Fifa 09

Does FIFA 07 have pro mode?

no it has not fifa 08 has it

When is arsharvin's birthday?

29th May

What is Andrey Arsharvin famous for?


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irak is on fifa 08 because it is so you cant chat yea man bloods

Is Jamaica in fifa 08 for ps3?


Witch team did arsharvin play for?

st petursburg

What are Tricks for FIFA 08?

if you go to YouTube, type in FIFA 09 tricks tutorial

Who has Hans De Note boom on?

He is a fake footballer who is made from FIFA 08 when it was not had itts official licensed if you onticed. he is a made up player from fifa wich mean you can not delete him. in fifa 08 he is a 89 OVR. in fifa 13, he is a ref

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FIFA 10 is more modern and up to date, so presumably yes.