When is FIFA 08 coming out for PS2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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19th october in england GAME are the cheapest at £29.99

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Q: When is FIFA 08 coming out for PS2?
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Is there an arena in FIFA 08 on PS2?

There is no arena for the ps2. Thanks :)

Fifa 08 ps2 can you do moves like xbox?


Is fifa 10 coming out for ps2?


Is FIFA 14 on psp?

is fifa street 3 coming out on ps2

Is fifa 10 coming out on ps2?

I don't think there is a world cup game on the PS2

Will fifa street 3 come on ps2?

FIFA Street 3 will not be coming out on the PS2. It is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS.

Is fifa 08 coming out on the game-cube?


Can two players play offline simultaneously FIFA 08 on ps2?


Do people still sell ps2 in 2013?

Fifa 14 and a Final Fantasy game are coming out this year for PS2

How do you cross the ball to a team mate for fifa 08 ps2?

Press and hold the square button.

Is there games are coming for ps2 in 2012?

yes there would be games for ps2 in 2012 and they are pes 2013, fifa 13 and much more.

What was the best football game?

fifa 08 on PS2 it was legendary you could do anything on it off the pitch wise.