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Well, when you go through a stage, there are boxes hiding around with a chao symbol on them. The first one you break, you get a key. Once you finish the stage, you can enter chao world and it becomes accessable through stage select (:

The 2nd box- animals (to feed ur chao)

the 3rd box- a mythical animal (to feed chao)

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Q: How do you get a sonic chao in sonic adventure 2 battle?
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What is the difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Sonic Adenture 2 is the original game for the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a remake for the Gamecube. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has better graphics, chao karate class, chao activities and chao shops.

What Sonic Game is Best for Chao Raising?

Sonic adventure battle 2

Sonic adventure 2 chao?

Yes there are chaos in sonic adventure 2 battle

Is there a chao editor for sonic adventure 2 battle?


Can you get a Chaos 0 Chao in Sonic Adventure DX and 2 Battle?

You Can In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I Think you can in DX.

How do you get chao island in sonic adventure 2 battle?

There is no chao island. sorry.

In sonic adventure 2 battle what chaos do you need to get a gold chao?

Gold chao can only be found in sonic advance for the gameboy advance. Then you put it on sonic adventure battle

What is the name of the game with sonic and the Chao's?

Sonic Adventure Battle (DC/GC) and Sonic Adventure Battle 2 (DC/GC)

In sonic adventure 2 battle dose a sonic chao get shadow hair and sonic ears?

No the chao gets sonic hair.

Can you get a gold chao in sonic adventure 2 battle?


How do you eat a chao in sonic adventure 2 battle?

You don't.

How do you move a choa from sonic dx to sonic adventure 2 battle Game Boy advance?

this is how i did it i traded my chao from sonic dx to another chao from sonic advance 2 for the GBA then i traded that same chao to my one of my chao in sonic 2 battle