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This is how to get a Shadow chao in Sonic Adventure 2 step by step.

1. Hatch a chao egg with Shadow, :Note: the egg shouldn't be from the Black Market at the Kindergarten: 2. Give the chao green chaos drives as Shadow. 3. Pet the chao as Shadow and cuddle with it as Shadow often. 4 Once the speed level is 10 or 15, raise the stamina to level 5, 10, or 15. 5. Wait for the chao to evolve and hopefully, you get a Shadow chao! (I did!)

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Q: How do you get a shadow Chao in Sonic Adventure 2?
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In sonic adventure 2 battle dose a sonic chao get shadow hair and sonic ears?

No the chao gets sonic hair.

How do you be shadow in the chao gardens in sonic adventure battle 2?

finish a level with a chao key Found in a chao box with shadow

In sonic adventure 2 battle can you make a shadow chaos chao?

No. there is no why to make a shadow chao is so look on chet website go on moshi monsters qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

What is the difference between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Sonic Adenture 2 is the original game for the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a remake for the Gamecube. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has better graphics, chao karate class, chao activities and chao shops.

Sonic adventure 2 chao?

Yes there are chaos in sonic adventure 2 battle

What Sonic Game is Best for Chao Raising?

Sonic adventure battle 2

Can you play as Shadow on Sonic Dx for the GameCube?

Sonic Adventure DX is the remake of Sonic Adventure, which was originally for the Dreamcast. Shadow first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, and made his first Nintendo appearance with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the Gamecube. Since Adventure 2 came after Adventure, Shadow never appears in Sonic Adventure DX. Oddly enough, the Dark/Run/Run Chao is the same in both games. Either SEGA had plans for Shadow while they were making SA1, they based Shadow loosely off of that chao, or is simply a coincidence. no you cant, but you can download Shadow the Hedgehog hack from To add the hack extract the RAR file then move the folder you downloaded to a folder named system on your SADX directory

How can you use the same small animal as many times as you like on sonic adventure 2 battle?

Carry the ananimal, get close to your chao so that your shadow is near your chao and put the animal. The chao will get the states + you can use it again and again! This can also be used in sonic adventure dx

What movie and television projects has Tomoko Sasaki been in?

Tomoko Sasaki has: Played Chao in "Sonic Adventure" in 1998. Played Chao in "Sonic Shuffle" in 2000. Played Chao in "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" in 2001. Played Chao in "Sonic Adventure 2" in 2001. Played Chao in "Sonikku adobencha DX" in 2003.

How do you get chao island in sonic adventure 2 battle?

There is no chao island. sorry.

Is there a chao editor for sonic adventure 2 battle?


What sonic games have chao gardens?

Sonic Advance 1, 2 and 3 (Gameboy Advance) have chao gardens which are small and not very great, but Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Sonic Adventure DX (GameCube), Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GameCube) all have chao gardens where you can do the most things and raise your chao the best and most effective. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is the most convinient and shows you all you need to know about a chao, and it's a really good game to raise them in by using animals (and Chaos Drives) as a means of training them. Sonic Advance 1 and 2 can connect up to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX via a Gameboy to GameCube link cable and you can exchange chao with.