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Pokérus has a 3 in 65,536 chance to be on a wild Pokémon (there is no indication that the Pokémon has it, unlike shiny), Due to the over whelming rare chance its much easier to find a friend, or someone online to share the virus with you.

You can spread and catch the virus by simply having a Pokémon with Pokérus in your party.

wow the chances of getting it is so small! I was scared about pokerus first of all (I thought it would kill my pokemon) but now I feel honoured that my zubat has it so early on in the game! :)

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Q: How do you get a pokerus in soul silver?
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Can anyone trade you a Pokemon in soul silver with pokerus?


How can you tell if a Pokemon has pokerus on Pokemon soul silver?

click on the pokemons summary in the PC and in purple it should say pkrs.

Is there an action replay code for pokerus in Pokemon soul silver?

Sure, it is a rather short code... it is12069C5E 00004288 94000130 FFFE0000 12069C5E 00004280 D2000000 00000000

Where is rock tunnel in soul silver?

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Can you get Articuno in silver?

As in soul silver? Yes you can is soul silver. At the bottom of seafoam islands.

What is a pokerus?

pokerus is actually a plant on all Pokemon games after crystal. The plants' spores attach themselves to wild Pokemon. When you run into the Pokemon, sometimes the spores will rub off on your Pokemon. When this happens, your Pokemon will grow really well. Even Pokemon in gold,silver, and crystal could catch the pokerus.

How can you identify good pokerus from bad pokerus?

There is no bad Pokerus.AnswerIt is very easy to tell the good PokeRus from the bad PokeRus - there is only one kind of PokeRus, and that is the beneficial one. pokerus is good and all it dose is double the evs you get from Pokemon

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

Pokemon soul silver ar pokerus codes?

their is none that works but the best chance of getting it is from Pokemon emerald Sapphire or ruby have one free space on emerald and face people in the battle frontier you will get a bad egg that has it i swer that is how i got mine hope it helps :]

Where is professor Rowen in soul silver?

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