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By taming a wolf. Wolf taming can be done by right clicking a wild, non-hostile wolf with bones. Give bones to the wolf until heart particles pops out of the wolf, then it will be yours.

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Q: How do you get a pet wolf in Minecraft?
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How do you make a wolf your pet on minecraft?

You have to give it bones.

How do you get a bone in minecraft creative mode for a wolf to be your pet?

In Creative mode you have everything in your inventory,search by clicking the compass tab at the top-right

What is Clawdeen Wolf's pet's name?

Clawdeen Wolf's pet is called Cresent

Does anyone have a member arctic wolf account with pet arctic wolf?

If you want to have an arctic wolf account with pet arctic wolf, you will have to open an account.

How do you dye wolf collars in Minecraft?

wolf collars cannot be dyed

Can you disown a wolf in minecraft?

The only way you can disown a wolf is to kill it.

Does Bella Thorne have a pet lion?

no but she has a pet wolf .

Can you tame a wolf in Minecraft by feeding it meat?


Can you have a timber wolf in as a pet?


Is a wolf a house pet?


Where can one find information about a White Wolf team?

The only information online about a "White Wolf Team" is in relation to Minecraft. Minecraft is a popular online role playing game. If a person would like more information about the White Wolf Team in Minecraft, they may do so by visiting the Minecraft website.

What do you do with a wolf after you train it on minecraft?

After feeding bones to wolf to turn it into your pet, you can choose to either make it sit (by right clicking), or to leave it standing, allowing it to follow you wherever you go. Wolves that are tamed will also attack mobs that show hostility towards you.