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Q: Can you tame a wolf in Minecraft by feeding it meat?
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Can you feed a wolf meat to tame it in Minecraft?

No, the only way to tame it is by giving it bones until a collar appears around its neck. Feeding a tame wolf meat will restore its health, unless its health is full. In that case, it will have hearts coming out of it, meaning it is ready to breed.

Where do dogs live in minecraft?

Dogs (Wolves) typically wander around the Taiga/Snow Biome. You can tame a wolf by giving it bones, and keep it healthy by feeding it meat and breed it by feeding it rotten flesh.

Can you tame a dog with a porkchop in minecraft?

No. You can only tame a wolf with bones.

Can you tame a bat in minecraft?

No, you can only tame wolves and ocelots on Minecraft.

How do you get tamed wolvesto mate Minecraft?

To tame a wolf you simply have to equip a bone which you can get from skeletons, then walk up to a wolf and press LT this will feed it the bone. you may have to do this several times but if love hearts appear above his head hes tame. As a side note if you feed lamb to two tame wolfs they will have a baby.

What is a ocelot for Minecraft?

its a animal that if you tame it, it will turn in to a cat that helps you just like if you tamed a wolf on minecraft.

How do you make dogs sit in minecraft?

First off, you have to tame one by feeding (Right-clicking) it with bones.If tamed successfully the wolf will have a collar around his neck. Right-click at the tamed wolf and it will sit down, and not move.

Can you tame wolves in minecraft xbox edition?

Yes, if you give a wolf a bone then the wolf will be tamed and follow and protect you.

Can you tame an angry wolf in Minecraft?

No, you can't. If you hit the wolf it will become angry and it will keep attacking you until it is dead.

How do you put a saddle on a tame wolf in Minecraft?

you cant only pigs can be rode with a saddle

What is a wolf mod for Minecraft?

There isn't one. Wolves are already in Minecraft. There are other tools and mods that can help you find and tame one though.

Can you tame a cow on minecraft?

No, you currently can not tame cows. But it is possible to farm them, put them in an area they can't escape from (not necessarily needed) and right click on two of them with wheat and they will breed. You can also right click on them with a bucket to fill it up with milk. The only animals you can tame on Minecraft is the wolf (Feed the bones to the wolf until it has a red collar and a burst of hearts come out). I think you can be able to tame a cow in a newer version of Minecraft. You can also tame ocelots as of 12w04a using raw fish