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You can buy axes at the Grand Exchange in Varrock, find them lying around, or at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge.

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Q: How do you get a hatchet on RuneScape?
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How do you get a hatchet in entrana on runescape?

When you are in the dungeon, just before the fight - you can kill Zombies to get a hatchet as a random drop.

What is the tool used in woodcutting in Runescape?

You have to use a hatchet for woodcutting.

What is a RuneScape dragon hatchet?

A dragon hatchet is the best hatchet for Runescape it can cut all sorts of wood and ivy realy fast and its a good hatchet to use on ivy. Its price ranges from 1.9 mill-2mill but its worth it. It took me ages to buy it but i got the reasults i wanted and withing a month of getting it im level 80 when i got it i was 68.

What hatchet do you need to chop down a magic tree on runescape?

You can cut down a magic tree with any hatchet, but the higher level needed to use that hatchet, the faster it will cut the tree i.e. a rune hatchet will cut much faster than a steel hatchet.

How long does 20000 ivy take to cut in Runescape?

About 60 hours with dragon hatchet.

What is a woodcutting handtool?

You can use hatchets to cut wood in RuneScape. There are different hatchets made of different metals. The weakest is the bronze hatchet, and the strongest is the rune hatchet in free to play, and dragon hatchet in pay to play.

In runescape what hatchet should you use to cut willow tree?

Look at the minimum requirements under "skills"; but always use the highest-level hatchet you can handle. If you have the level to use a rune hatchet, use it, even if a lower-level hatchet also works with willow trees - the better hatchet will be faster. 

What is a fractite hatchet in runescape?

Fractite hatchets, and other fractite items, are items used specifically in Dungeoneering.

How better is a rune hatchet from a dragon?

In Old School Runescape, the dragon axe is the second strongest and fastest Woodcutting axe in the game after the crystal axe, and is tied with the 3rd age axe. It is 10% more efficient at chopping logs than the rune axe. In the current Runescape, the dragon hatchet is approximately 5-10% more efficient at getting logs than the Rune hatchet.

How much exp can you get in an hour by cutting ivy on runescape?

It depends on what hatchet you are using and what level of Woodcutting you are. For example if you are a higher level you will cut the object quicker than if you were a lower level. Also if you are using a hatchet such as a dragon hatchet that affects EXP gain as well.

Is cutting mapel with a skaterdclay hatchet good xp in runescape?

Yes in my opinion it is.It gives 2x the xp as regular hatchets.But if you dont have a scatterdclay hatchet it wont give 2x the xp.So have fun on R.S.

How long will it take me to get from 95 wc to 99 on ivy on runescape with a d hatchet I'm on 8hours a day?

Little less then a week...