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Well without more additional information I can't be very specific for your answer. If you have the game file on your computer than you will need to have a micro SD adapter and plug it in. Then copy the file over. Usually micro SD's are used for phones so I am going to assume you are talking about a game for you cell phone. Depending on your service provider you may be unable to get games for free on your phone via SD card. I have a LG Rumor for Sprint and am unable to get games on my phone via SD card. If your service provider allows it though you will need to have the game in a Jar format and install it using the file manager on your cell phone. If you don't have a file manager/ memory card manager on your phone you might be able to find it in the games folder to intall. Again I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific. Good luck.

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Q: How do you get a game on a micro SD card?
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Can play games on your Game Boy with a micro SD card?

Yes, you can. If you have a M3 or an R4 for the Game Boy Advanced, you can insert .gba roms into the micro SD card to play them.

How can you play a game on the ttds which you have just downloaded?

First you need a Micro SD Adapter and Micro SD card, buy from internet if you dont have one. Put the Micro SD card to Micro SD Adapter, and then attach it into your computer. Then just Drag'n'Drop the games into the Micro SD card You might need to download TTMenu too.

Where can you get a D.S.I Action Replay micro SD card at?

There isn't a certain sd card for it. The sd card is called a micro sd card. These are usually found at stores that sell phones because phones ONLY take micro sd cards. if you want a regular sd card and You have a micro sd card, there is a thing called a micro sd card adapter that you can slide in your dsi and insert the micro.

How do you get music on your x-tc?

You have to put ur music on a Micro SD card. The X-tc phone has a MIcro SD card slot. First you have to get the Micro SD card then get a Micro SD card adapter then put it in to ur computer and go to My Computer and select the SD card. If you have iTunes u just drag the song from iTunes to the Micro SD card folder and then load it to the SD card. Then put the Micro SD card into the Micro SD card slot. Your music should then be on your phone

How do you Convert a micro SD card to a SD card?

Get a Micro-SD to SD adapter. It looks like an SD card that has space for the Micro-SD card. Some Micro-SD cards are supplied with the adapters.

Is a micro SD memory card the same as an SD memory card?

No. A SD memory card is 32 × 24 × 2.1 mm. A micro SD card is 15 × 11 × 0.7 mm. You can access a micro SD card in a SD card slot if you have an adapter, the are usually sold with them in the packaging.

Does the nook use a standard or micro sd card?


What should you do if your cell phone is asking you to format your Micro SD card?

First, get a Micro SD to SD adapter. Next, get an SD card reader. Put the Micro SD card in the adapter, and put the adapter in the card reader. Now, connect the card reader to your computer and take the data off the card. Once the data is off the card, put the Micro SD card back in your phone, and format the card. Put the Micro SD card back in the adapter, and put the data back on the card.

What are sd card and micro sd card?

Size - is the main difference. A 'standard memory card is approximately 25mm square. A micro SD card is about a third of the size. There are adaptors available so you can use a micro SD card in a standard SD card slot.

How do you use a micro sd adapter on a laptop?

To use a micro SD card adapter on a laptop, insert the micro SD card into the adapter. Then, insert the adapter into the SD card slot on your laptop. Once inserted, your laptop should recognize the micro SD card as an additional storage device, allowing you to transfer files to and from the card.

Where does the micro sd card go in your black wii?

The Wii does not have a Micro SD slot, you'd need to first insert it into a Micro SD to standard SD adaptor and put it in the regular SD card slot.

Does the lg optimus has sd card?

it has a micro SD-card slot