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To get a full stack you would hold shift and then click the arrows.

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Q: How do you get a full stack or arrows from inventory in one click in minecraft?
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How do you single an item out of a stack in Minecraft?

Click on the stack to pick the whole stack up, then right click on an empty inventory slot to deposit a single unit of the stack.

How do you unstack blocks in your inventory in minecraft?

You take the whole stack, and right click the stack onto a free inventory, crafting, furnace or chest slot. This will remove one item from the stack, and can be repeated if more items are to be seperated.

How do you stack blocks in Minecraft?

Just right click the top of a block. If you mean how do you stack them in your inventory, it should be automatic. Unless its a door, a tool, ETC

How do you select only one item in minecraft?

To select one item from your Minecraft inventory, left click on the stack of blocks you want and right click on an empty grid slot to seperate one from the rest. Then left click in another empty slot to place the rest of the stack back down.

In World of Warcraft how do you split a stack in your inventory?

You shift click on the stack you want to split, and a little box will pop up asking for the stack size. Either type in the number or use the arrows on the box to select a number. When you hit ok, the client will take out the number you selected and put it in a stack on your cursor, be sure to click on an empty space in you bags to create the new stack.

How do you divide items on Minecraft?

Hit your inventory key (E on default control settings), then lift click a stack or multiple of the same item/block. Then on a different inventory square right click to place one. You can also right click the stack or multiple t grab half of the whole.

How do you separate the same material in Minecraft?

If you left click to pick up something in your inventory, right clicking on an empty space will deposit a single unit there. Right clicking on a stack that's already in your inventory, will pick up half of it.

How do you let things go in minecraft?

If you are referring to dropping an item, simply press 'Q' to drop one at a time, and hold 'Shift' and press 'Q' while holding shift, and this will drop the whole stack. Alternatively, you can go to your inventory screen and click on the item and click outside the inventory area.

How do you put wooden planks in all four slots in minecraft?

Hit the letter E to open your inventory. click the stack of wooden planks and carry it over to 1 of the 4 squares. then right click. go to the next box and right click. Etc

How do you split a stack of blocks in half in minecraft?

right click the stack and add it will give you half if you want to split it more then right click it more the once.

How do you place 1 item from a stack in Minecraft mac?

You need to take the stack and right click, which will only take one block from the stack to where you are pointing at.

How do you fill your inventory with 64 items in minecraft?

Minecraft only lets you stack most items to 64, you cant place 64 different item in your inventory only 36 stacks of items. (if that's what you meant)just collect 64 of the item. not all items stack to 64 unless your using a mod that lets you.