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To select one item from your minecraft inventory, left click on the stack of blocks you want and right click on an empty grid slot to seperate one from the rest. Then left click in another empty slot to place the rest of the stack back down.

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Q: How do you select only one item in minecraft?
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Can you take one item from a minecraft mod?

No, you can't take one item from a Minecraft mod unless there is a separate mod which contains that one item.

How do you hang 2 things in your hand in minecraft?

You can only hold one item at a time.

What button do you use on minecraft PC to place only one of the item you are using?

If you have a 2 button mouse it will be the right button. Just click it once for one item.

How do you place 1 item from a stack in Minecraft mac?

You need to take the stack and right click, which will only take one block from the stack to where you are pointing at.

How do you give a Pokemon an item in Pokemon Vortex?

Two ways: One, go into your bag and select an item, then select give, then pick the Pokemon you want to hold it. The other way is to go into your Pokemon and select the one you want to hold something, then hit give. It will take you to your bag, where you can pick an item that the Pokemon can hold.

How do you eat things in Minecraft?

To eat thing in minecraft first you must obtain something edible, all animals except sheep drop meat. Make sure the meat it in one of your active item slots(so you can hold it). Select the meat and hold down left click until you finish eating.

How do you select a item in castlevania 2?

Crouch down and press one of the arrows

Which Xbox Minecraft is multiplayer?

There is only one version of Minecraft for the Xbox 360.

What are some good minecraft sites?

Planet Minecraft and Minecraft Wiki are two sites i can think of.

How do you select more than one thing on your playlist on Itunes?

To select more then one item on Itunes, highlight one song (click on it once) then left mouse-drag up.

What are some games similar to Minecraft?

I can think of only one: Infiniminer, Minecraft's inspiration!

Which is the best Minecraft to buy for PC?

There is only one version of Minecraft to buy for the PC.