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you can get first place in the bug catching contest or you can show bills father a growlith or vulpix on route 25
school kid Alan will give it to you or you can get a prize exchange a pokathon or you can get any stone for getting first in a bug catching contest

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Q: How do you get a fire stone pokemon soulsilver?
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Where can you buy a fire stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can buy a Fire Stone on Tuesdays in the Pokeathlon Athlete Shop for 2500 points.

What day can you get the water stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

On Monday you can get a leaf stone, Tuesday you can get a fire stone, Wednesday you can get a water stone

Ho do you get a fire stone in Pokemon soulsilver?

buy it with athlete points from pokeathelon....

Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Athletes Shop in the Pokeatholon Dome on certain days

What level does vulpix evolve into Ninetales in Pokemon soulsilver?

It evolves via Fire Stone, not leveling.

How do you get a fire stone from Schoolboy Alan in Pokemon Silver?

You cannot get it in Pokemon Silver, but you can in SoulSilver or HeartGold. You have to go to Route 36.

How do you get a legend stone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

There is no such thing as a legend stone in pokemon.

Who do you give the water stone to on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you use it on some water type Pokemon to evolve them. example:pikachu+thunder stone example:polywhirl+water stone example:evee+fire stone example:Roselia+sun Stone example:murkrow+dusk stone a ever stone prevents your Pokemon from evolving

How do you get a fire stone on SoulSilver?

make it hitch a ride on a Pokemon from the gba games you can find one in almost all of them

How does poliwhirl in Pokemon SoulSilver?

water stone

What does a leaf stone do in soulsilver?

evolve pokemon

What is the Pokemon that bill's father wants to see in Pokemon HeartGold?

There are various types of Pokemon he wants to see. Match the description of the Pokemon he gives to you to one of the Pokemon below:Oddish (Leaf Stone)Staryu (Water Stone)Growlithe* (Fire Stone)Vulpix* (Fire Stone)Pichu (Thunder Stone)*Note: Vulpix is sought after in Pokemon SoulSilver, while Growlithe is sought after in Pokemon HeartGold. Growlithe and Vulpix are one of some version-specific Pokemon.