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I'm sorry to tell you this but MewTrance does not exist in Pokemon FireRed, if it does exist, then it can only exist in a ROM Hack of the game and as such is illegal for you to play.

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Q: How do you get a MewTrance in FireRed?
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Mewtrance in Pokemon DP?

mewtrance is fake

What is the Mewtrance Pokemon pearl action replay code i KNOW you can get him just What is the code?

Mewtrance doesn't exist, and you can't obtain a pokémon that wasn't programmed into the game.

How do you get mewtrance?

You can only get it in Pokemon chaos black version. Its is where mewtwo is instead of mewtwo.

How do you get Mewtrance in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to bills secret garden. use hella max repels trust me this worked. spin in a circle 360 times around the back bottom right corner of the garden. this will only work if you have the itemfinder. then once you spin 360 times use the itemfinder and there you go a mewtrance on Pokemon leafgreen

Can you get Pokemon mutations such as mewtrance in soulsilver with an action replay code?

Pokemon mutations are not part of the game at all. Pokemon mutations are a result of hacking by an action replay.

Where can you get slowpoke in FireRed?

Slowpoke is not in firered only leafgreen can get it trade one to firered to get it.

Pokedex between LeafGreen and FireRed?

Firered and leafgreen both can catch different Pokemon but there pokedex is the same, here is some examples: magmar only in leafgreen not firered, oddish in firered not leafgreen, ekans in firered not leafgreen, bellsprout in leafgreen not firered, pinsir in leafgreen not firered.

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

Can you get a mew in FireRed?

There is no Mew in FireRed or LeafGreen.

Do you get magby from ruby or Pokemon FireRed?

in firered

Where is Norman on Pokemon FireRed?

Norman is not in firered.

Where to get puffin in Pokemon FireRed?

Does do not exist in firered.