How do you get a Drigger Drill in Pearl?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Trade spheres for it or if you bury the sphere the underground man gave you go back to him and he will give you a Digger Drill.

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Q: How do you get a Drigger Drill in Pearl?
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How do you get a drigger drill in Pokemon diamond?

You can find the digger drill undergroundand there will be people selling things everywhere and if you have the right amount of spheres then one of the people will sell it to you hope that helped

How do you make a secret cave in Pokemon pearl?

you have to get a digger drill you have to get a digger drill

How do you get the digging drill in Pokemon Pearl?

You buy it from any trap merchant underground.

When Pearl Harbor was bombed the American planes from a drill were the only prepared groups?


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In Pokemon pearl how do you make a underground fort?

all you have to do is buy a digger drill from a dude and then go to the wall of the place you want your base to be and then go to trapps and click on digger drill its as simple as that

How do you make a base in pearl?

you go down to the tunnels and you talk to the miners and you get the digger drill and the you go right up to the wall and select digger drill and press use and BOOM! you got a base

What methods can be used to tell if a pearl necklace is real?

Real pearls will often feel rough on the teeth. However you should be wary as there might be some smooth pearls. Another way to check is to check the drill holes. A fake pearl is more likely to have flakes falling off around the drill holes.

What are the 4 best moves to teach to a Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl if that Pokemon can learn anything?

Lock on, Fissure, Horn drill, spore

How can you change secret bases in Pokemon pearl?

You have to use a trap. It's called a drill trap, and that's what you use on the wall. You get it from a hiker.

How do you get a secret base in Pokemon Pearl?

To get an underground secret base, you have to go down there and buy it from a hiker who is selling Traps.He should have a Digger Drill for sale.Buy the Drill from him, then use in on any random underground wall, and... BING!Your secret base is born.

Where to build secret base in Pokemon pearl?

u can biuld a sercret base anywhere in the underground as long u get a drill from a guy who sale traps