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You don't get a 100 point laff boost. All you have to do is do TOONTASKS to get laff points the laff point will only increase by 1, 2, or 3 (Sometimes More) Sometimes, you will see toontask that have no laff point boost so keep doing toontasks! P.S: Try to get toontasks done at DDL (Donald's dreamland) they can let u carry 100 laff poins (Well sort of...) But its worth a try! P.P.S: DDL Tasks are harder.

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Q: How do you get a 100 laff boost in toontown?
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How do you get max laff points on toontown?

u can do toontasks to get more laff points or do lots of fishing to get laff boosts or golfing to win a laff boost

What is the maximum laff you can get in toontown?

137 laff but i have no clue what you do after

How do you get gardening laff boosts toontown?

You have to garden to get laff boosts. 10 flowers is 1 laff boost. You can earn up to 4 laff boosts because you can only go up to 40 different flowers. Note this will take 4 months or more to max gardening.

How do you get 100 life on toontown?

you mean 100 laff points? easy. just do REALLY ,REALLY good at the game

What is the max laff points can the Non-Members get in Toontown?

34 laff points.

How do you have unlimited laff points in toontown?

You don't get unlimited laff points -_- noob.

How do you get 137 laff on toontown?

Simple, you start by completing all your toontasks. That should get you on a boost for a 100 laff. while in that proccess you can fish, fishing earns you trophies that give you laff boosts. You can also garden for gardening trophies that also give you laff boosts. Then there is also racing at the goofy speedway which earns you trophies that also give laff boosts.Gardening- 4 laffsGolfing- 3 laffsRacing- 3 laffsFishing- 7 laffsMaxing:Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot- 5 laffs each= 37 extra laff

Can you have 800 laff on toontown?

WHOA WHOA WHOA 800 laff points? Theres no way to get that many in that game the laff limit is 137 laff. If you had 800 that would ether be hacked which should not happen because toontown will ban or delete your account for doing that. So again 137 is laff limit.

On Toontown Online you have 100 Laff any pointers on when and how you get your Lawbot suit?

Well Im using my resourcing for this one.. I know you must visit Professer Flake to help him but get that task to help him. But you must have over 100 laff...... My friend told me you must have at least 105 laff... Im not quite sure about the laff....... Hope this helps!

What is the highest level a toon can become in toontown?

Laff 135

How do you get laff points on toontown?

By completing toontasks-you get these at Toon Headquarters

Can you die in toontown?

You cannot 'die' in Toontown, but your Toon can get sick. To get sick, your Toon has to loose all of it's Laff Points.