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Sorry but there is no "Rock Slide" move available in Pokémon Emerald. It was available in the Pokémon Diamond and earlier.

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Q: How do you get Rock Slide move in Pokemon Emerald?
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Will anyone teach your pokemon rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

A move tutor in the Battle Frontier will teach one of your Pokemon Rock Slide. It costs 48 BP to do so.

Where is TM rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

rockslide is not a TM in Pokemon rse but u can get it in battle frontier from a move tutor only in emerald idk about rs

How do you get the tm80 rock slide in Pokemon leaf green?

Rock Slide is not a TM in Leafgreen. In Leafgreen Rock Slide is a Move Tutor move and the Move Tutor is hidden somewhere in Rock Tunnel.

Which move in Pokemon emerald can scale the rocks wall?

rock climb

Where do you get rockslide in Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Slide is taught by a move tutor in Rock Tunnel.

How do you beat blaine in Pokemon HeartGold?

If you have a Pokemon that has a rock type move, then you can easily win. Rock slide works the best.

Which Pokemon learn rock smash in Pokemon ruby?

i think gravler can and almost all the rock types numel can also learn rock slide by leveling up to lv 33 but u have 2 let it evolve into a camerupt

Pokemon Cradily move tactics in emerald?

It is rock and grass, so anything rock or grass type will make it more powerful! :)

Why do the pokemon on pokemon emerald move but not sapphire?

In emerald the sprites are animated

How can you get a bagon on Pokemon ruby with the move rock slide?

I tried chain breeding camerupt->spheal->horsea->bagon, but the spheal doesnt want to learn rock slide i dont get it, it is the same egg group,right? is there any pokemon with 2 egg groups than can learn rock slide so i can pass rock slide to bagon eventually?

On Pokemon emerald in the first cave how do you get passed the rocks if you send out a Pokemon how do you do it?

You have to get passed by getting the move rock smash in a house in mauville city

How do you move clumps of grass Pokemon Emerald?

By moving clumps of grass in pokemon emerald.