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Well when you get the Natianol pokedex you can miagrate Pokemon from other games just put in a GBA game in the memory card slot and turn on your DS at the menu it should say miagrate Pokemon click on it and vulla but make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate is in the PC or it won't come up.


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Q: How do you get Pokemon from other games to Pokemon Diamond?
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What is number 136 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

In diamond is TENTACOOL but I am not sure about in other Pokemon games. In diamond is TENTACOOL but I am not sure about in other Pokemon games.

How can you get pokemon to miagrate from other games to pokemon diamond?

you cant

What does the poke-transfer do in Pokemon Black?

it transfers pokemon from other games, such as diamond/pearl

Can you trade with other Pokemon games on Pokemon Soulsilver?

Yes, with Diamond/Pearl and Platinum.

On your Pokemon Diamond game to get into the pal park it saids there arent six Pokemon in the PC boxs what does it mean?

to transport Pokemon from other Pokemon games to your Pokemon diamond you need to have six Pokemon in your PC on the other Pokemon catridge

How do you get legendaries from other games on Pokemon diamond?

you get an action replay dumdum!!!

What is so unique about Pokemon diamond and pearl music?

It is unlike the music from the other Pokemon games.

Pokemon diamond pokemon to pokemon ruby?

You can only move pokemon from ruby to diamond, not the other way around, through pal park. You need both games in your ds to do this

How do you wake up the 3 reggis in Pokemon diamond?

you can't get the regis in diamond and pearl but you can from other games

Get raquaza in Pokemon Diamond?

Impossible without transferring it from your other games. ~Sherry

What games will Pokemon Platinum trade with?

Diamond, pearl, and other platinum versions

Where to find all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You Cannot literraly catch all of the Pokemon on diamond you will need either an action replay ds cheat system for £19.95 or all of the other Pokemon games for ds and gameboy systems on the other games you will need to catch the legendary,rare and normal types that you cannot get on the diamond game