How does the mafia make money?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Mafia makes money through various means. For example, they might make money through drug dealing or through illegal gambling.

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Q: How does the mafia make money?
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How do you get money on Mafia Wars?

You can get money on Mafia wars by doing jobs, fighting other mafias, and buying property to increase your ca is there A MONEY CODE

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you must help your mafia members in their money laundering business by "getting your cut" of the money in order for you to get the items in the collection. these are dropped also at random. you too can get help from your mafia members by clicking the "Keep the money going" button everytime you help your mafia members. you can also earn cash and xp everytime you help your mafia members.

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Swedish house mafia are not a mafia, no. They make electronic dance music.

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Sorry but you cant transfer money from mafia wars to poker. That would be like cheating

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It get's stolen when Don What'sHisFace beats the crap out of you in a fight!