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Electivire is a 4th generation Pokemon meaning it was created after the GBA Pokemon games so that means its not obtainable in any GBA game including emerald.

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Q: How do you get Electivire in emerald?
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How do you get an electivire in platinum?

You can't get Electivire. You have to evolve Electabuzz to get Electivire. You can get Electabuzz at Route 222.

What type of Pokemon is Electivire?

Electivire is an Electric type pokemon.

What moves does paul's electivire know?

In the Sinnoh League, Electivire's First Move move was Protect, Electivire's Second Move was Thunder and Electivire's Third move was Thunder Punch. When Paul was against Barry, Electivire's Fourth Move was Giga Impact- Against Ash, Electivire's Fourth Move was Brick Break.

What level does electivire learn ice punch?

Electivire cannot learn Ice Punch via Level-Up. The only way to get an Electivire with Ice Punch is to breed (with Hitmonchan or Medicham) and then evolve the hatched Elekid into an Electabuzz, then Electivire.

What do you breed electivire with to get elekid?

Electivire can easily be bred by leaving it in the Daycare with another Electivire or Electabuzz of the opposite gender. The resulting egg will always be a Elekid.

Magmortar or electivire which is faster?

Magmortar's base Speed is 83. Electivire's is 95; it's faster.

What is the national pokedex number for Electivire?

Electivire is #466 in the national pokedex, and it is an Electric type Pokemon.

Where can you find electivire in Pokemon diaomnd?

Electivire must be evolved from an Electabuzz, which must be evolved from an Elekid.

How do you get electivire in FireRed?

No, you can't get any electivire in fire red even you use thunder stone on Electabuzz

What is the evolve of electrabuzz?


What moves can electivire learn?

The Electivire is an Electric type of Pokémon that was introduced in Generation 4. Some of the moves that the Electivire learn includes the forward moves, the backward moves, and the sideways moves.

Will anybody trade your 100 level Electivire on Pokemon platinum?

i meant my 100 level electivire, i really want a totodile