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You can't actually get Dragonite in the wild you have to get the first evoloution of it which is Dratini. You can get Dratini in the water North a bit of Blackthorn City and you'll need a super rod. Then after training it will evolve into Dragonair then at 55 or something into Dragonite.

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Q: How do you get Dragonite in Pokemon Crystal?
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Where can you get hyper beam in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't get it in Pokemon Crystal. Though there are Pokemon who can learn it like Dragonite.

Can you rate my Pokemon crystal party it consists of Dragonite Arcanine poliwrath Meganium and alakazam?

i say put it down an get a life

Which are the best pokemon's in the crystal version?

Celebi, Dragonite, Togepi/Togetic, and of course, if you raise this Pokémon well, Chansey/Blissey.

What type is dragonite?

Dragonite is a dragon / flying type Pokemon.

Is the Pokemon dragonite a legendary?

No Dragonite is not a legendary, but it is a pseudo-legendary.

Is Dragonite a Legendary Pokemon?

Dragonite is not a legendary Pokemon only because it evolves. The dragonite evolves for a dratinti, then to a dragonair,and finally it evolves in to a dragonite. I hope that this can come in handy for every one else as it did for me.

Is Drago a Dragonite or Dragonair?

The Pokemon character Drago is not a Dragonite not a Dragonair. A Dragonite is a type of flying dragon Pokemon that evolves from a Dragonair when the character reaches level 55.

What level does dragonair evolve in Pokemon indigo?

at level 55 in dragonite (note: dragonite is a pseudo legendary pokemon.)

Can you catch dragonite in Pokemon SoulSilver?

to get dragonite you have to evolve dragonair at lvl 55. that's the only way to get dragonite.

What you have to do in crystal to evolve dragonair?

Get it to level 55 to evolve it into dragonite

What is a good team for Pokemon Crystal?

Lugia, Charizard, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Steelix. Well, in my opinion to you. Lugia and Charizard can dodge strong Ground type attacks. Steelix can cut down the damage of most attacks from the defending Pokemon. Dragonite has good defense so does Snorlax. It is hard for opponents to defeat Snorlax. Tyranitar has high attack, really high attack. Tyranitar has strong Ground attacks. I hope this helps! And yes, these Pokemon are from Pokemon Crystal.

What level you get dragonite at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at level 55.