Is Dragonite a Legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dragonite is not a legendary Pokemon only because it evolves. The dragonite evolves for a dratinti, then to a dragonair,and finally it evolves in to a dragonite. I hope that this can come in handy for every one else as it did for me.

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Wrong he is legendary

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Q: Is Dragonite a Legendary Pokemon
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Is the Pokemon dragonite a legendary?

No Dragonite is not a legendary, but it is a pseudo-legendary.

Is Dragonite a legendary or a rare Pokemon?


Is dragonite a legend Pokemon?

Dragonite is half-legendary even though he has his own legend.

What level does dragonair evolve in Pokemon indigo?

at level 55 in dragonite (note: dragonite is a pseudo legendary pokemon.)

Top Pokemon in FireRed?

(Excluding legendary pokemon) It should be dragonite...

What is the best pokemon that isnt legendary?

Probably Dragonite or Salamance.

Is salamence a legendary Pokemon?

Salamence is not a legendary Pokemon, but it is a powerful dragon-flying type. Along with Dragonite, Salamence is considered a pseudo-legendary by fans based on their high base stats.

Which top six Pokemon have the highest total stats and are not legendary?

you probably know that legendaries are the best Pokemon, but here's a list of the top 6 non-legendary Pokemon (by stats) Slaking Dragonite Tyranitar Salamance Metagross Slowpoke i don't agree i check what Pokemon have the greatest stats Raichu Dragonite Tyranitar Milotic Lucario Starraptor

What flying type Pokemon has the highest overall stats?

Lugia, Ho-oh, and Rayquaza for legendaries. Then for pseudo legendary Pokemon you have Dragonite and Salamence. Then for "normal" Pokemon Togekiss.

Is flygon a ledgendary Pokemon?

Nah, Pokemon that you can get more than one of in games without cheating or trading aren't legendary in my book. I have heard someone call the Dragonite family legendary and Arcanine is actually called "The Legendary" Pokemon, but I think that's more for the TV-series.

What is the most powerful dragon that is not a legendary or pure dragon?

The most powerful dragon that is not a legendary or pure dragon in Pokemon is Dragonite. It is a flying dragon that has balanced stats and is extremely strong

What Pokemon to use to beat the elite 4 in firered?

Starters vaporeon eleztibuzz legendary birds hypno dragonite magmar jolteon