How do you get Cyndaquil in Pokemon Pearl?

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2009-10-05 22:55:22

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you have to trade cyndaquil to pearl to get it

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2009-10-05 22:55:22
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Q: How do you get Cyndaquil in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where can you find cyndaquil on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't you have to get Heart Gold or Soul Silver and choose the starter Pokemon cyndaquil.

Can you catch cyindiquil on Pokemon pearl?

No, you cannot catch Cyndaquil in Pokémon Pearl.

Where can you catch a cyndaquil in Pokemon pearl?

In the Pal Park I think

How do you get a cyndaquil egg in Pokemon pearl?

transfer a cyndaquil/typhlosion etc. through pal park, and then breed it.

How do I get Cyndaquil on Pokemon Pearl?

Cyndaquil and all other pre-fourth generation starters are unavailable in Pokemon pearl and diamond. You must transfer it from Pokemon Emerald. If you do not have Emerald, sign up on a Pokemon trading forum and find someone who is willing to trade you one.

How do you get Cyndaquil?

You can use a Cyndaquil as a starter Pokemon in heart gold, soul silver, gold, silver, crystal and diamond pearl platinum.

Is there an action replay code for Cyndaquil in Pokemon Pearl?

i don't know Damien seidler:

What type of Pokemon is Cyndaquil?

Cyndaquil is a Fire type pokemon.

Can someone trade you a totodile cyndaquil and chickorta for Pokemon pearl?

my gamer name is Darren fc:4382 3933 4378 if you got a cyndaquil by now can you give me an egg of it

How do you get cyndaquil in Pokemon Red?

You cannot get Cyndaquil in Pokemon Red. It is only on Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

Where can you find cyndaquil in Pokemon dimand?

You can find Cyndaquil at Mount Stark on Pokemon Diamond.

Where do you find cyndaquil on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cant find one but you can choose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokemon.

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