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You can't catch it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. You have to transfer it via Pal Park from Pokemon Emerald, Leaf Green, or Fire Red. Before you do this, however, you need to have a national Pokedex in both games, and have a Cyndaquil in the GBA game.

This is somebody else. I know theres an action replay code to get cyndaquil in diamond becuz i have chikorita ad totodile.

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2018-01-06 11:52:49
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Q: How do you catch Cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where can you find cyndaquil in Pokemon dimand?

You can find Cyndaquil at Mount Stark on Pokemon Diamond.

Pokemon emerald do you have to catch all Pokemon to get cydniguil?

No to get Cyndaquil you must catch all Pokemon from that region, because if you have to catch every single Pokemon, won't you already have Cyndaquil?

Where can you find Cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find Cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond so to get one, you will either have to migrate it or trade it from somebody

How do you catch todile ciacrta cyquile in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot catch totodile, chikorita, or cyndaquil in Pokemon diamond or Pokemon pearl. The only way to obtain those Pokemon is to migrate them from a previous version of the game using the GBA slot.

How do you catch a cyndaquil in Pokemon Diamond?

Cyndaquill cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond or Pear but can be traded from HeartGold or SoulSilver. Cyndaquill was one of the three starting pokemon for the HeartGold and SoulSilver games.

Cyndiquil in Pokemon Diamond?

i love cyndaquil and yes cyndaquil is in it by migration which i hate

How can you get a cyndaquil without trading in diamond?

You can get a Cyndaquil without trading only by transfering it from a GBA Pokemon Game onto your Pokemon Diamond Version.

Where you can catch regirockregice and registeel in Pokemon diamond?

i can give you one for a cyndaquil my name is BRIAN my fc is = 5370 5646 0402 =

Where do you get cyndaquil in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant catch it you have to catch all 200 of the hoen Pokemon and professor birch will give you cyndaquil, chicarita, and todadile

Can you catch cyndaquil in Pokemon platinum?

no!but you can TRADE FROM IT!

Can you start off with cyndaquil in Pokemon diamond?

no! SOS

Can you catch cyndaquil in HeartGold?

You can't catch it. It's a starter pokemon.

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