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Keep in mind first that a Pokemon leveled through rare candies is always weaker than one leveled normally. this is due to a hidden number system used in the game's code. As you fight, the invisible number increases and your Pokemon gets more stats at each level-up. With rare candy, this magic number doesn't increase through battle experience and you get only the bare minimum stats. A Pokemon leveled from egg-100 normally will be FAR stronger than one speed leveled by rare candy

However: if you want you can do the directions listed here:

1) Go on action replay and scroll down to either diamond or pearl

2) Click on: ADD A NEW CODE

3) Type the name you want (ie:999 rare candies = LR

4) Next put this code in the code thingy listed below:

94000130 fcff0000

b21c4d28 00000000

b0000004 00000000

00000d7c 09990032

d2000000 00000000

The hack instructions:

Press LR at the same time, then go to your mail slot in your bag (lol i put it there).

Next, it says ?57 rare candies which means YOU HAVE INFINITE RARE CANDIES!!!

This has been tested and it works.

Actually, if you have beaten the elite four, you can get them at the battle tower! If you win enough Battle Points you can use them to get a rare candy. It takes 48 B.P.'s so save them up!

For more tips, visit the Related Link.

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u either use cheats or collect 999 rare candies by searching everywhere.

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Q: How do you get 999 rare candys in Pokemon pearl?
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What is the code to get 999 rare candys in Pokemon pearl?


How do you get 999 rare candys on Pokemon pearl?

with an action replay cheat card

Where do get rarecandys from in pearl 999 without ar?

the only way to get 999 rare candys is with the ar

What is the best Pokemon cheat for action replay?

rare candys 999 of the

How do you get 999 rare candys on Pokemon platinum without cheating?

you cant

How do you get a lot of rare candys in dimand?

to get 999 rare candies in Pokemon diamond and pearl, you need the action replay and a code that is somewhere on this site. It worked trust me all of my Pokemon are level 100.

Pokemon plaitnum to get 1000 rare candy?

You can only get more rare candys if you have cheats the maximum is 999

How do you get 999 rare candys in Pokemon XD?

Action replay! u get da point

Is there an action replay cheat for instant level up on Pokemon diamond?

no but there is 999 rare candys

How do you get 999 rare candys in Pokemon Heart Gold?

i think there is a code for that in the action replay ok

What is the cheat for 999 rare candys for Pokemon diamond?

I think its..... oh shoot, I don't know.

How can you get a lot of rare candies in Pokemon platinum with action replay?

put in the code for 999 rare candys in you in your action replay