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3165498794131032321486489132023415489798132132056979415132186 hope this helps :)

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Q: What is the action replay code for Pokemon modifier and 999 rare candies on Pokemon pearl?
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On Pokemon what is an Action Replay?

An Action Replayer is a cheater thing that can get you to complete the game faster. Like Getting more EXP, 999x rare candies, and my persanel favorite, the Pokemon Modifier!!

What is a Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon modifier is a cheat code used on an Action Replay.

Where do you get the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

Use an Action Replay!!!!!!!!!

What is a my Pokemon account?

Pokemon modifier ( on action replay only)

Is their an action replay code for unlimited rare candies in Pokemon diamond with an action replay?

no. but there is one for 999 rare candies

Action replay encounter code to verse Palkia on Pokemon diamond?

If you have action replay and Pokemon modifier, yes.

Pokemon platinum wild Pokemon modifier code us?

u need an action replay its a cheat code device Google what is the action replay code for wild Pokemon modifier.

What is the code for the Pokemon modifier for Pokemon Pearl for an action replay?

ANSWER:www.supercheats.comsearch for Pokemon Pearl for the Action Replay and you'll eventually find it.

How do you get whatever Pokemon you want with action replay?

Pokemon modifier code

Does any one have a have all Pokemon action replay cheat for diamond and pearl?

no but you can get 'em from Pokemon modifier with action replay

Can you get a Pokemon modifier on action replay?

yes you can get a pokemon modifier cheat on the action replay just download the app from your ipod and so on but i dont know if you can get it on white or black version

Is there a code action replay to get Pokemon that are rare in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, you can use the Pokemon Modifier code. Get it by updating your Action Replay via the Action Replay Manager if you haven't already.