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Ok ive had a good 298 Hours THAT IS ALOT AND ITS SAYS "save file will be erased to due corruption or damage" right when i read that i freaked out and turned it off

immediately i turned it bak on it does the same thing my grandpa tries to fix it a hour later he tells me to try it and he says try it now then i try it it didnt work

so i ask my dad he says later he still hasn't tried ive tried everything and i don't want to download anything because those r viruses or just make it worse

but ive thought when u turn off the game while its sasving it will say corruption has occured while u turned off ds it didnt complete the save then it said

i will bring u bak to the last time u saved so if the save that it brings me to after it says corruption or damage it brings me to the begining but then when he is done talking i can save and turn it off while its saving and then it will say save wasnt complete bringing u to the last time u save and that was on my file but i don't no if that plan is safe yet so can u guys plz help!

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Q: How do you fix corrupted save data on soulsilver?
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