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You're expected to remember it. If you've forgotten it, I'm afraid you've lost your account. Nowadays, people's usernames are their email addresses, which are harder to forget.

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Q: How do you find your original login name on runescape?
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How do you find out original login username for runescape if you changed your ingame name twice?

That's the sweet part of runescape by adding that now it would be harder to hack your account. But otherwise you log in in as your original account to get on to runescape.

Use your original runescape log in for membership?

If you acquire a membership, you continue with the same login name and password.

How do you find your original name in RuneScape?

You could check your original account email, to check if you received emails regarding your account (keep in mind that they will have used your username, Phishing emails do not).

Can you change your username in RuneScape?

Not yet. But I think they're working on a program that will allow you to change your display name but keep your login id the same

Are there any Proxy's that allow a Java Game by the name of runescape?

Ye the original Java...

How do you spell RuneScape in francais?

It is the same thing for any language, since it is the original name of the game.

Why isn't runescape logging you in?

If you are using Email it should work. But if you changed your name you still need to use your original name not the name you changed it to.

Where can you find a loom in RuneScape?

go north of the pub in port sariam. If you are happy with this answer add me on runescape! mu name is mummyman1213 have fun!

How do you get to the login page on ruenscape?

To get to the login page on runescape where you actually log in your account to play the game, you first click on either 'free users click here to play' or 'members click here to play' depending if your a free player or not, this is located on the homepage of Once you have done that you wait for the game to load and click on 'log in' there you enter your runescape user name followed by your password and click log in again.

What is login in Internet?

Login is when you type in your account name and password To get your account name and password you need to "Sign Up"

How can you change your login name in Skype and still be the same user when you want to save all your contacts and other information and only want the login name to change?

unfortunately you cant change your login name unless you create a whole new account. I recently found this out while trying to find it myself! How inconvenient! sorry! =[

How can you change the display name on your boost?

To change your in game name display you must go onto the account management section on the main menu of RuneScape. It will direct you to the Jagex log in site whenever you click on the part that allows you to change your name. Then, just as with creating a free account, you choose a name that is then checked for availablitly. Once you find an available name, your done. To log back in to RuneScape, you must use your original name, as the name change function only changes the display name.