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Idea 1:Near where Shannon and Victoria live

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Q: How do you find the king salmon on my sims kingdom for ds?
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Where to find a king salmon on ds?

I think u r talking about the king salmon in the My Sims Kingdom game for ds? Anyway if u r, then go to that river by the tennis court ( locations vary ) at around morning and noon start fishing anywhere along that river. The king salmon is a big fish so u should see a huge shadow. Good luck!

Where abouts in east village waters should you look to find a king salmon on my sims agents ds?

On the Western side.

How do you get a king salmon for Ashley on my sims agent?

you get it at crystal falls at night

Where to find magic 8-ball in your sims kingdom?

Where to find magic 8-ball I'm my sims kingdom

In your sims kingdom what to do after king leaves?

okay hears what u do. find another 1 or start a new game!

Can you buy a king salmon in my sims agents?

i dont think u can. You have to catch it at crystal falls.At night

In My Sims kingdom how what do you do in cowboy junction?

ask the sims around and u will find out

Where do you find the robofish in my sims kingdom?

In rocket reef

Where do you find the sunfish in My Sims Kingdom for Wii?


In My Sims Kingdom where do you find the chef?

cowboy junction

Where is king salmon on your sims agents ds?

At the cristalwaterfall. At the morning. Make slowly vertical movements. good luck!

Where do you catch a king salmon in my sims agent?

in east villiage, in the water behind voilets flower shop at night