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The Unarcheted Isle. That is Where you Will Find Bones. :)

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Q: Where do you find bones my sims kingdom?
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On my sims kingdom How do you get bones?

I love the Sims kingdom too and all you have to do is follow what you have to do in your missions

Where to find magic 8-ball in your sims kingdom?

Where to find magic 8-ball I'm my sims kingdom

In My Sims kingdom how what do you do in cowboy junction?

ask the sims around and u will find out

Where do you find the robofish in my sims kingdom?

In rocket reef

In My Sims Kingdom where do you find the chef?

cowboy junction

Where do you find the sunfish in My Sims Kingdom for Wii?


Where do you find mecha dog on you sims kingdom?

You will find him in the Zoo. There will be a cut-scene.

Where do you find the pirhana on your Sims Kingdom for Wii?

the cowboy island

Where do you find medicine on Sims Kingdom?

You go to the mayor Ellen

Where do you find kaisurum in my sims kingdom for Wii?

the uncharted isle

How do you find elegant essences on my sims kingdom wii?

there are no elegant essences

Where do you find flowers in my sims kingdom?

On every island. Hope this helps. :)