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Candypolooza on map. Have fun!!:)

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Q: Where can you find squid in my sims kingdom for Wii?
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Where do you find the sunfish in My Sims Kingdom for Wii?


Where do you find kaisurum in my sims kingdom for Wii?

the uncharted isle

Where do you find the pirhana on your Sims Kingdom for Wii?

the cowboy island

How do you find elegant essences on my sims kingdom wii?

there are no elegant essences

Where do you find the kissing fish on My Sims Kingdom for the Wii?

you can fish it out at cutopia

Where can you find tire in my sims kingdom Wii?

pull up weeds

Where can you find the goby fish on my Sims Kingdom for Nintendo Wii?

they are at Cutopia and Candypalooza

Does your sims kingdom for Wii save to the disk or the Wii console?

Wii console.

On my sims kingdom where you find diamonds for the Wii?

go to trevor island and eqip the metsl detector

Where do you find tiny shark on my sims kingdom Wii?

Trevor island... they are soo cute XD

Where do you find plecostomus in the my sims kingdom wii?

In the spookane fishing spot near Morcubus's castle

Where do you find the eight ball in my sims kingdom for the Wii?

you find them on D.J candy's Hawaii Island!! B) cool