How do you find red on soul silver?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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After you defeat all the gym leaders in kanto go to the top of Mt.silver.

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Q: How do you find red on soul silver?
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Where are the places you battle red in soul silver?

You find Red at the top of Mt. Silver.

Where do you find a red Gyarados in soul silver?

lake of rage

Where do you find the Red Orb in Pokemon Soul Silver?

behind his bed

Where can you find a Gyarados in Pokemon soul silver?

you find a red gyrados at the rage lake

When you beat red in soul silver where can you find him again?

You can only beat him once.

Where do you face red in soul silver?

You find red in mt silver after talking to professor oak after defeating all 16 gym badges

Where do you find steven after you trade with him soul silver?

Mt. Silver after you defeat Red (A.K.A. Ash) who is also somewhere in Mt. Silver

Where is red in soul silver?

on the peak of mt silver

How do you get blue orb in soul silver?

you can only get red orb(groudon) in soul silver

Where can i find the trainer red in Pokemon soul silver?

Red is at the top of Mount Silver, you need to use the HM Rock Climb to get all the way up to him.

Where is red on soul silver?

Red is on top of mt.silver

How do you get the blue orb on soul silver?

you cant it is in heart gold the red orb is in soul silver